welcome to Tijdmakers, the creative studio
of Dutch Design & Art Duo
Saskia Hoogendoorn & Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands

what we do

We create art & design projects to connect people with beautiful stories & inspiring experiences. We aim to spark people’s imagination, raise awareness and create new perspectives. Therefore we develop and realize our own ideas, as well as commissioned projects. Feel free to contact us: our creative minds work best when triggered by interesting questions.


who we are

Studio Tijdmakers is formed by Saskia Hoogendoorn (1973) en Lieuwe Wijnands (1970); a multidisciplinary art & design duo with a background in design, culture & psychology.  Since 2006 we work together on projects in social design, visual storytelling, light art, perfume making, nature & technology, innovation of the senses & exploring the future.



our work

Our art and design projects add narrative layers to reality that connect people to beautiful stories and experiences.

Highlights: Our light art was exhibited in Light Festivals in Amsterdam, Brussels & Bangkok; The city council of Amsterdam acquired two of our light art works for permanent exhibition, CNN listed The Light Kite in world’s greatest light art gallery; 178 bottles, 1 message won the Nikon photo contest; Vogue selected Eau d’Amsterdam as one of the best scents with a destination; DutchNews featured Studio Tijdmakers in their Top 10 of most innovative Dutch ideas, the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam asked us to design a permanent exhibition, FD Magazine selected our art installation DIAG/NOSE as #1 tip to visit at Dutch Design Week and we created the winning design for a new national icon at the finish of the Elfstedentocht, as part of Leeuwarden, Cultural Capital of Europe 2018

Currently, we are working on different new light art works, our annual artistic celebration of Springsnow, spreading Eau d’Amsterdam around the globe and exploring the future of our sense of smell with international art project DIAG/NOSE which was launched at the 2017 edition of the Dutch Design Week and developing the Elfsteden Triomfboog which will be installed later this year in Leeuwarden.



Our art & design projects have generated a lot of positive attention from the public & media worldwide. To get an idea: read how we created Eau d’Amsterdam and see how we installed The Light Kite.


say hello

Connect with us when you have a great idea for working together. We always look forward to creating new ideas & meeting inspiring people. Our Studio is located at the Rietveld house at the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, NL.


+31 6 42633610

Studio Tijdmakers, Rietveldhuis, Amstelpark 4, 1083 HZ Amsterdam, NL